Thursday, December 31, 2009

6 Months Later...

With New Year's upon us and 6 months gone since my birthday, I decided it's time to check-in with some of the goals I set for myself. Especially considering one of my resolutions is to be more accountable to myself and stay committed to things I say I'm going to commit to...

Nike's 24 Year Old Goals Update:

  1. Apply to volunteer at the Portland VA. ---> I have not done this. I am working on making myself useful at work, which will hopefully result in an increase in permanent hours (right now I am working 32-36 hours unofficially).
  2. Seriously make time to practice and study Spanish. ---> I've been speaking Spanish to myself and recently found my books and CDs, so will start studying next week.
  3. Sign up for a monthly volunteer project through Hands on Greater Portland. ---> YES! I love volunteering through Hands On Greater Portland.
  4. Be a team leader for one Hands On project by June 1, 2010. ---> I have led TWO projects and am signed up to lead another two in the next couple months. I also took the training to be a regular Volunteer Leader for The Children's Book Bank
  5. Send a card to someone I have lost contact with weekly. ---> I did this for a month. I suck.
  6. Sew three skirts using the "Sew What Skirts" book. ---> My sewing machine has been out of commission. Jason bought me the part I need, so *fingers crossed* hopefully it fits and I can start taking off with this on Thursday Night Craft Nights.
  7. Blog three times a week for three months, incrementally increase to daily by June 1, 2010. ---> Um, yeah... I'll take a mulligan on this one.
  8. Start running again. ---> I have sort of started running again. Like, once every other week. I forgot this was on my goal list. I have the Hood to Coast deadline looming over me, so that's motivating me.
  9. Apply to a Graduate School of Social Work ---> This has been postponed. I really really really want to go to University of Denver, but it will be another two years before I can apply. Unless I find a school I want to go to half as badly as I want to go to Denver that doesn't require relocating, this will stay on hold.
  10. Learn each of my neighbors' names. ---> I learned the names of all of the neighbors on my side of the drive and then they all moved. The ones on the other side do not want to be my friend. One of the empty townhouses appears to be occupied now, so it may be time for another Neighborhood BBQ at the Bentley's.
Goal Revisions for Goals I Struggle With:
  • Practice/study Spanish on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Send a card to friend/family member once a month
  • Fix sewing machine, then start sewing Sew What Skirts
  • Blog once a week starting Saturday, then increase to three times a week by June
  • Continue doing strength exercises and work in running 3x/week
  • Plan a neighborhood BBQ for March/April, with nametags this time


Hands On Network said...

I'm so glad you are leading projects for Hands On Portland!

I was a project coordinator for many years at Hands On Atlanta and now work for the national organization. (HandsOn Newtork.)

We'd love to have you in our Facebook community!


nikeathena said...

Hi Jessica!

I was introduced to Hands On through my senior capstone at PSU and love their model for making volunteering fun and easy.

Thanks for stopping by! =)