Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time on My Hands

It has been 9 months since I graduated from PSU. It still feels strange to not attend regular classes and to be in complete control of my free time. But, alas, I am still a nerd and am starting to get antsy about not taking classes.

The boy is in the Adult Degree program at Warner Pacific and has another two years before he will be finished. He is doing great and I am very proud of him for taking the plunge and returning to school. Our home is not devoid of academic pursuits.

Before he enrolled at Warner, I went to Denver to visit the Graduate School of Social Work at Denver University. They have the oldest GSSW program this side of the Continental Divide and one of the very few that offer an Interpersonal Stress and Trauma Certificate. Basically, I'm in love with Denver and the school.

I have no desire for a commuter marriage - though the boys has suggested/threatened to send me to Denver on my own so he isn't "holding [me] back" - and I'm not confident I would be accepted the first go around any way. So, here I am with time on my hands and trying to figure out how to best use that time so I am in a better position to pursue Graduate school when the time comes.

One thing that has recently piqued my curiousity is pursuing a Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Addiction counseling. It is a one-year program, would get me a foot in the door to the mental health world, give me more fancy letters after my name, and give me additional certification for working with people suffering from PTSD. Which is ultimately my goal.

Currently I am researching the differences between the PCC certificate program and the PSU one. It's the same certificate as far as I can tell, but PSU has open enrollment and classes start in the fall.

Time will tell.

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(army)Wife said...

Go Penn State! I'm a 2005 grad!