Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birds of Wisdom

I'm not sure what started my fascination with owls. Maybe it was when we cleaned out my great-grandma's apartment and found her decorative owls. Or maybe it was that single owl ornament that decided our style. Whatever the catalyst, I love all things owl.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have owl figurines or pictures all over my house. Most of the owl tokens I have are delegated to our Christmas decorations. Including this year's Christmas present from our landlords: a red throw blanket with an owl tie. Ironic did not even begin to describe it. My husband's response, who does not share the love of owls, was, "That's not even funny." (The landlord does not know I like owls.)

I recently learned Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom whom I am named for, had a companion owl. Fitting, I think. I told the DH this alone should justify my fascination with owls. It is also why I am very excited about The Pretty Pauper's 5-0 giveaway of this little gem. I would love to sport that necklace and see the DH roll his eyes in amusement.


Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for reading :)

As a gift for Christmas one year, my parents' best friends adopted an owl in their name. The picture of it is so cute. It's about 5 inches tall and it's eyes are like half the size of its body. It's so funny!

nikeathena said...

That is an adorable idea!