Friday, December 10, 2010

Highway to Well in Pictures

I was really surprised to see I hadn't blogged about the Highway to Well 5K/10K Dad and I ran in October. This race was memorable for a few reasons, but mostly for being Dad's first race ever (he did the 10K) and my first race where I wasn't last. (That was a really big deal for me.) 

The race was on a Saturday morning in Pendleton, OR. It was a small (small) locally organized race. There was a kid's fun-run 1 mile, a 5K run/walk, 10K run, and a half marathon. The 5K and 10K both started in the park parking lot, wound up to a main road, looped back into the park, into a neighborhood, and then back to the park. The neighborhood area wasn't very well marked, but it would have been difficult to get lost. The 10K did that route twice.

The race had a great small-town vibe and they had a delicious BBQ feast afterwards - chicken, baked beans, rolls, and watermelon. The entry fee was around $20 - $15 for the 5K and another $10 if you wanted the shirt. I opted "no" on the shirt, but Dad did get one. (I don't remember if the 10K was the same price or $5 more.) I'd run it again, with the hope the cheerleaders are more cheery - I didn't know they were cheerleaders until the end and was quite disappointed.

Finishing up the neighborhood loop back to the park
Over the bridge then 300 yds to the finish. About this time Dad was on the other side of the park and cheered me on. I passed the lady in front of me - my first pass ever - and was quite proud. I knew I wasn't last cause I passed someone. She took first for her age division and that took away the guilt I felt.
High-fiving Dad as he finished his second park loop and was headed to the neighborhood loop before finishing
Jason (blue) running with Dad and encouraging him to the end. Dad had started off at a 7:30 pace trying to "keep up with the old guys" before realizing they were only doing the 5K. He was tired, but still maintained a good clip.
Dad and I at the finish line. Isn't it cute?
You can't tell, but I had kinda teared up. They were calling names for the women's 20-25 age division and I was so shocked to hear my name. I like races that dole out ribbons for 5th place. I've never been so proud. (So what if there were only 6 in my age group...)

The third thing that made this race memorable was we all placed. Molly, Dad's coworker, took 1st for her 10K age division. Dad took Men's Overall (it's a track shoe and stop watch trophy thing) for the 10K. I placed 5th for my women's age division for the 5K. We were all pretty stoked. (This is also stoked Dad's race fever.)
And that, friends, is the Highway to Well recap.

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The Green Girl said...

I like the name of the race. ::grins:: And I love that it was so affordable!

Congratulations on your first pass ever and placing!