Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reflecting on Blessings

"What if you woke up today with ONLY the things you thanked God for yesterday?"

Miss Jordan at Southern Hospitality  posed this question at the end of her post recently and it struck a chord with me. After a particularly rough counseling session yesterday, followed by a delightful time with my abuelos and my aunt, the timing couldn't have been more perfect to give me a moment to reflect. 

The last couple of years haven't been a picnic. The last couple weeks have been especially draining emotionally and mentally. But in the midst of those ups and downs I have learned to focus on the blessings in my life. They are many...

A husband who always has my best interest at heart, laughs and cries with me, and is my best friend. A family that is only a phone call away. Friends who will drop everything to help me out. Two kitties who bring endless amusement into our home. Legs that can carry me from place to place. An inquisitive mind. Food in my cupboards, fresh veggies and fruit in my fridge. A soft bed to sleep in. Friendly neighbors. A God who justified me before I was born and has since covered me with a grace I cannot comprehend.

If those were the only things I woke up with tomorrow, I will still consider myself blessed beyond measure.



george rede said...

Wonderful to hear your voice again, Nike. Your posts are always chock-full of wisdom and great perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Kristen Mira said...

What a great activity to think about and be thank for the most important things in spite of being in, perhaps, the least desirable circumstances. Best to you.