Thursday, June 4, 2009

On th Edge

(Post started on June 4th.)

It hit me today. In less than 9 days I will graduate from PSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. I have been freely tossing around the fact that I'm graduating in a week, but today reality sunk in. And I kind of freaked.

What do I have to show for my (non-consecutive) four years of pursuing higher ed? I have learned the world is so much bigger than me and the town I grew up in. I have learned to listen to ideas that clash with my values and beliefs without accepting them unless their argument proves truer than mine. As Aristotle said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it." I hope I'm leaving my undergraduate work with some semblance of critical thinking skills.

As I prepare my final papers, tests, and project I am still left wondering, could I have done better? For some reason I feel like I missed something. Do all graduates feel this way?


In My Own Words said...

Congratulations. Interesting article. Enjoy reading your entries. Just a few days until freedom. Enjoy it.

Kanani said...

I am so sorry to take so long to get over here! Oh, congratulations. Yes, the world is such a huge place and we have to find our niche. But what I've found changes!