Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Furbabies

Dear Claire,

We brought you home three years ago. I wanted a cuddly kitty and you have never let me down. You're almost 4 years old, but your kitten side still comes out in the most random of ways. Like when you discovered the paper bag was fun or today when you sat on all the toys and dared Donte to take them from you. Thank you for being so lovable and comforting. Everyone should have a kitty as wonderful as you.

Love, Mom

Dear Donte,

I wasn't sure what to make of you when we brought you home last August. You were to be Jason's cat and he thought you were awesome. It took me a while to get used to you. Unfairly, I compared you to our furbaby who we unexpectedly had to put down and the pain of that decision was still too fresh to open my heart to you. I called you Legs for months because I couldn't remember your name and I'd never seen a cat as lanky as you. You never stop moving (unless you're "helping" with laundry), so I've not been able to measure you, but I'm pretty sure you're three feet long with 5' arms. Right now you are sprawled across the desk napping. I don't know how you do it. You crack me up when you meow and run around the house like your tail is on fire. I've recently become amused by your propensity to move items in the house around. Thank you for being so persistently lovable and being a constant stress reliever. You're all right, floppy cat.

Love, Nike

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Di said...

I understand the kitty love. My Cadillac is 17 lbs of purring fluff and I love him to pieces. I tell dh all the time that Cadillac was in my life way before him and will always be #1 for me! :)