Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Epic Plunge

Two weeks ago some of my favorites and I stood half-dressed in 9-degree weather, patiently awaiting to plunge into 35-degree water. The next day we learned the scuba divers weren't there to save us - they were there to churn the water to keep it from freezing. We participated in the coldest Polar Plunge in Oregon history and raise over $400 for Special Olympics Oregon. Thank you to all who contributed!
Team Apocalypse - placed 4th for costumes
About this time I wondered why I was willingly running into freezing water. I don't run into water ever. (That's me in the pink shirt and black bikini bottoms on the right. I'm also picking up one of Jason's shoes he lost.)
Warming up took some help from apple cider and a vent on our feet.
We ended the evening with karaoke, dancing, and dumplings.
Jason's gearing up for next year, but I think I'll be the girl with the towels. ;-)


Arly said...

You need to describe the feeling of jumping into that water, the whole experience. How long were you in? Why didn't you wear scuba suits? And so on! :)

The Green Girl said...

Wow. It's amazing you did this. I'd love to hear more details, too!

Anonymous said...

You're crazy!
That is super awesome though. I wish I could take part in stuff like that.

george rede said...

Congratulations, Nike. Glad to see you were able to do it and have so much fun in the process. That big smile says everything.

And to raise money for a good cause, too? Bonus.

Calvin said...

Yes,you have! I clearly remember a time when you were about 2 years old. We stopped at Unity Reservoir by the boat ramp. It was winter. As we were stretching our legs you went running down the ramp towards the water. I thought you would stop, but you didn't. You kept running and I went after you. I was knee deep in water and grabbed the back of your jacket and pulled you out. We stripped your clothes and put you in the car with the heater cranked up. I never could figure out why you did that. Now I know! ;) I love you, Dad