Monday, March 14, 2011

Prayer for Japan

My heart sunk Friday morning when I learned why there were tsunami warnings off the Oregon Coast. My heart immediately thought of  my dear friend, Yo - her family is there and she is scheduled to visit the coming week. No phones, no e-mail. No word.

I thought of Cliff, in Hawai'i, preparing for Yo and E's arrival in a few weeks. Then I remembered Jason's cousins are in various areas of Japan - one now a resident with a beautiful family; the other preparing to come home after a year of teaching.

With the help of Facebook and a large dose of patience we learned Cliff was fine - the roads are another story. The Bentley cousins are all okay, though one cousin's family had to stay in a refuge overnight. Yo's dad called - her family is all alright. Thank God.

Today, as I watched the devastation unfold while in the comfort of my gym on a crisp, spring-like morning, my heart swelled anew. I cannot do all, but I can do something. Lord, show me what is mine to do.

While reading the captions of fearful parents, family who can't find their loved ones, my heart cried...
Lord, ease their minds. Comfort the lost, bring peace to the grieving. May this be a time of hope and coming together as a community. May what is best about humanity - our resilience, our compassion - shine during this time of darkness. Lay your hands on the relief workers - give them words of comfort and guide their actions. May the people of Japan feel love and peace at this time of uncertainty.


momma zen said...

Never before has a world event affected me at this depth. Indonesia was really bad. As all the other tragic events that have unfolded in foreign parts of the world but this has really touched me in a way that I've had a hard time dealing with.

I think much of it is that I've always had a major interest in Japan as a culture. For the food. And the art, animation, and even one of my favorite authors is Japanese. I have planned to visit one day. Especially, as a friend of ours is stationed there in Tokyo (he's alright though!).

I wish there was more we could do. It's such a helpless feeling. Donating money is a very good thing. Saying prayers is most important. But it still feels so helpless when we cannot do anything physical to help ease their pain and help them get back on their feet.

And the crisis' aren't over and it seems to only get worse for them. My heart is so heavy for Japan.

It's so nice to see you posting again!

nikeathena said...

I can't stop crying. This is the first time a world event has hit so close to home for me and my family. I'm so glad to hear your friend is alright!

I'm feeling helpless and hoping Yo tells us what tangible things we can do to help when she arrives in Tokyo this evening. I'm fearful for her and Elijah (he's 4), but understand the need to be with your family during a crisis. This was supposed to be a week of celebration for her and her family in preparation for her brother's wedding. Now, we don't know, but life does go on.

I'd like to give the world a hug.

The Green Girl said...

I'd like to give the world a hug.

I love how you said that.