Friday, January 6, 2012

Grace and Strength

In keeping with my current ponderings about grace, strength, light and New Year's resolutions, today I looked up at my calendar and was challenged by this month's verse:

"Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." 2 Timothy 2:1

For some reason this hit me really hard this morning. I often think of strength as being overpowering and grace as being gentle. To see those two words side by side, complementing one another, has made my head spin in a way that will require me to sit with it for awhile. Be strong. In grace.

As I continue to reflect on last year and what I want this year to look like I have thought a lot (alot) about the My One Word challenge. While it is spiritual in nature, I think it could be applied secularly as well: How do you want to grow? What kind of person do you want to be by 2012's end? How would implementing one word change your relationships?

Passion... Grace... Intention.... these are words I'm mulling over.

What one word would you choose to guide your actions and what kind of person would that word shape you into?


Kristen Mira said...

I like the idea of thinking about a few words for the next year, almost seems more motivating and directive than resolutions.

Hmm...I'm thinking about the words Letting Go and Expression.

george rede said...

"Patience" comes to mind. I like to think I'm a tolerant person but every so often I find myself irritated, annoyed and sometimes flat out ticked off over stuff that really is inconsequential.

Today I apologized to a Starbucks cashier for being rude last time she took my order. She was gracious and tried to brush it aside, but I pledged right there I would never treat another retail person the same way. Patience would shape me into a kinder person and one who doesn't sweat the small stuff.