Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are You Serious?

Apparently the cats are on board with our trying to eat healthier. Unfortunately this was demonstrated by Gus eating my whole wheat pita bread. Pita bread!

He has a thing for plastic, so I was not surprised to find him gnawing on the plastic bag while we were unloading the groceries. I shooed him away and we put the pita bread up on the open shelf with the other bread.

The next morning Jason brought up the pita bread and said, "Look!" The bag had the gnaw marks from before, but the bag had been ripped into and the bread had been gnawed on. It was just a, "Oh man, how I love plastic bags" gnaw, it was a full blown, "I'm going to get into this bag and eat its contents." There were holes everywhere and chunks of the pita had been consumed. It's not like they didn't have food.

Gus cowered in a corner downstairs and I yelled, "Are you freaking kidding me? Pita bread?!"

Of course, his getting the pita bread broke a couple house rules: No cats on the counter and no getting into people food (not that that's ever been an issue before).

So, now we know to keep pita bread in the fridge. They don't seem to have the same inclinations for the bread.

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