Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Funny

This post has little point other than preserving this memory for prosperity....

Last night I left my phone downstairs while I laid in bed reading. The phone rang and it wasn't a personalized ring, so I let it ring and kept reading. DH went downstairs and brought my phone to me and told me Grandma had called. I said, "Random, they never call me." (My grandparents "never" call me because I call them nearly daily so they rarely have opportunity or reason to call me.)

Curious, I listened to the message. Grandma's messages are the best as they usually include something like, "Bob, is this on? I think I got the voicemail... Nike? This is your Grandma...." (I have the most adorable grandma on the planet.) Last night's message went like this, however, "Nike, this is Grandma. We're having a discussion about what year you were born. Please call us."

(My grandparents have been married nearly 54 years and are both pretty stubborn. Thus my oft referenced "Henshaw stubborness" or simply "Henshaw blood." If they were calling me to settle something it had probably gotten heated.)

I called and Grandpa picked up the phone and I said, "So, you forgot what year I was born?" He replied, "No, you were born in '86," and I said, "No, I was born in 1985." We had a quick conversation about why on earth he had '86 on the brain. "Well, didn't you have an e-mail with a number at the end?" "Yes, it was 85." We talked about fishing and whether or not Dad was going to visit them now that they're at Philips Lake. Then he passed the phone to Grandma.

Grandma was quite pleased to say the least. Cause she was right. 


Aki said...

I LOVE this story! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but no, your words evoke a picture that no photo could capture.

george rede said...

Reminds me of a lyric from a Los lobos song: "you're always right and I'm never wrong." ;)

Debbie@They Never Grow Up Nursery said...

They ARE adorable aren't they Nike? Oh what fun! How many times do you suppose Grandma slapped her knee exclaiming "BOB"!!! ???? ROFL! TOOOOOOOO CUTE for words!