Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering the Fallen

It's Memorial Day 2010. This day has always held a special place in my family's traditions. For as far back as I can remember we always attended a Memorial Day service at the cemetery in the veteran's section. The area lined with white headstones depicting rank and service dates of the fallen. It has always been a special time of honoring our veterans and remembering the ones who didn't come home.

When I reached middle school, Dad began taking me to the cemetery with him before the morning light to help set up the Avenue of Flags.  There are few things I have found more moving that taking the flags one by one, reading the names on the tags, hoisting them onto the pole, unfurling, then saluting. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing more than 500 flags flapping in the breeze as the sun rises over Baker Valley.

Four years have passed since I last helped ready Mt. Hope Cemetery for the Memorial Day services. Every Memorial Day that has passed since has left me feeling like something is missing. I guess some traditions are so fully ingrained we truly miss them when we don't participate.

What has not left me is my love and appreciation for our veterans. We may never know the sacrifices some have made or the burdens they carry now. Today, I honor you who have served and bow my head in respect for those who didn't come home. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A new flag comes home to Mt. Hope Cemetery, 2008
RIP Donald David Wroe - Special Forces, 1950-1952, Korea

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george rede said...

You're a classy lady, Nike. Your parents have done a great job instilling a set of values that come through in your posts, not the least of which is this one. Your words resonate far beyond your blog.