Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sign of Wisdom?

The other night my husband was playing with my hair and I asked if he had found any white hairs. (We started dating when he was 25 and rumor has it I gave him three white hairs in the first year - he hasn't grown any more since then.) He said no, but that I had several "really blond" ones. 

I was just in the restroom and noticed a "really blond" patch just behind my bang part. Those "really blond" hairs? They're white. Not gray. White. I hope this means I'll inherit the DeBoard white hair over the Henshaw gross gray color. My grandma has beautiful hair, my grandpa's female relatives not so much.

If possible, I would like to keep my hair color for a little longer - like, another 25 years or so. That'd be great.


Monica Joy said...

That sucks! I have found a hair that I believe is white, and I promptly pull it when I see it. My boyfriend says it's just really blond. I can't argue, because I'm colorblind. :-)

Arly said...

Wait until you have a kid. You'll find gray hairs all over. :) I found a white one just two days ago. It made me sad. I hope I get the Schaer white hair instead of gray. :)

Eve said...

I started going gray at 19! It was around the same time that I started dating my husband... I wonder if there's any correlation? ;)

Now, at 32, I am about 75% gray (but dye it frequently) and I'm really hoping that since it went gray so early, maybe it will just continue to fade into white.