Wednesday, June 2, 2010

24th Year in Pictures

Yesterday was my birthday. This last year has been pretty crazy and I'm still processing what I want my 25th year to look like, so here is a photo post until I decide.

24 wasn't a bad year.... Not a bad year at all.... ;-)

 Hiking near Marion Forks, Memorial Day weekend 2009
Graduation from Portland State University, June 2009
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies 

In the Seaside hat shop with my in-laws, June 2009

 24-hrs of awesome filled goodness with Leslie at Pink Spandex.
June 22, 2009 

My lovely Aunt Deb and me in Denver, July 2009

Weekend trip to Rockaway Beach with eight of our dearest friends
August 2009

 Hiking at Ramona Falls with a couple friends
August 2009

2 year anniversary, Strawberry Wilderness
September 2009

Nike and Claire love Christmas
December 2009 

Interpretive Center Mardi Gras themed party with los padres
Baker City, January 2010

Crosstown Trail snowshoe hike with the Monday Night Posse 
January/February 2010

About a month after the Cav gave up on us, we bought the 'Ru 
February 2010

My Christmas present was tickets to CATS - my first Broadway musical
March 2010

Started working with Pearl - April 2010 

Bobby was home post-deployment to Korea. 
The siblings have an updated picture and had a lovely dinner at Barley Brown's
May 2010


Not a bad year at all.


MamaZuzi said...

I love photo retrospectives of the year... usually do mine at Christmas/New Year's time! Glad you had a good year.

george rede said...

What better way to celebrate another year than to give yourself a visual birthday card?

Looks like you had a lot of fun in so many places with so many people. I especially liked the one of you with outstretched arm near the ladies' room at the Rose Garden. We were there that day, too, celebrating our son's graduation.

Hope your 25th year is off to a great start!