Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 4: This should have been day 7

I got lazy this week. I put in three days and then got "busy". This workout is 25 minutes from start to finish. There is NO REASON to throw out the "I'm too busy line." I spent more than 25 minutes playing Text Twirl on Facebook every day this week.

So, because I missed three days this week, today was REALLY hard. Like, felt harder than the first day. And I wanted to quit during the first circuit. And seriously considered shutting off the DVD during the first circuit. But I reminded myself that I have to work for the body I want and that I brought the weight and loss of muscle on myself and now I have to fight to get rid of it. (Not having to tell Jason I didn't work out when he came home from his meeting was good motivation to keep going as well, cause he's really supportive of my endeavors.)

As difficult as today was and as much as I DID NOT want to do it, I did notice that my form has improved and I am repping out more push ups. Not a lot, but more. I still hate the first circuit more than most, but it always gets better after that I just need to keep working at it.

Today, I should buy a scale. That may help (or totally depress me) as well. Good luck to you Shredders out there!


Carly Carlson said...

Good Luck Nike! You can do it! :)
Just remember where you are today is not where you are staying- you are working towards who you want to be and what you want! Good luck!

kbeeps said...

Just wanted to say HI NIKE!!!! I just checked my email and got your blog address...

Shawna said...

Hi Nike! Just read all your blog posts, and I'm impressed with how you are doing. I just counted them up and I've done 7 days of the 30 Day Shred so far (not consecutively). It's getting much easier, except I have TERRIBLE upper body strength. And. I. Cannot. Do. Lunges. I have terrible balance apparently. How do you do it? Tell me, tell me, tell me! Oh, and bicycle crunches. They are so impossibly evil.