Friday, July 30, 2010

5QF: In Living Color

Be sure to check out Mama M at My Little Life, hostess of 5 Question Friday.

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?

Snowball the white kitty was my most loved stuffed animal for years. I vaguely remember the day I got her. Dad was carrying me in a gift shop of sorts (maybe in a hospital?) and I picked her up. In my mind she was already mine, but since I have no memory and there are no pictures of her prior to this my adult brain tells me that was probably not the case. I still have her, though she's currently residing in a garbage bag in my garage until I can find a home for her and Short Ears and Floppy Ears.

2. Do you dream in color?
Yes, in vivid color. And I remember my dreams in great detail, which the boy thinks is strange.

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?

I am 5' 3". I wish my 5'3" was stretched out a little more - I have a short waist and short legs - but I've grown quite fond of my stature other than that.

4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?

Morgan Freeman, hands down. I could listen to his voice all day.

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?

I put it back cause it irritates me when people don't.


Kristen T. said...

Ah... Morgan Freeman. Good choice. He sounds so pleasant whenever I hear him narrate a documentary...

george rede said...

So if I don't return my shopping cart all the way to the corral, does that make me a bad person? Does using a cloth shopping bag make up for it?

kbeeps said...

Love question #4! Morgan Freeman wouldn't have been the first person who came to my mind - that would have been Alan Rickman - but definitely a good choice!