Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful for Places

Dear Phillip's Lake,

Thank you for being a memory keeper and a place of retreat. I am just as at home on your shores or floating on your water as in my parents home.

All the best,

Dear Puerto Vallarta,

Thank you for being an awesome (surprise) honeymoon location. I remember your sandy beaches, lukewarm water, and killer monsoons with great fondness. We often sip on the alamendra o cafĂ© tequila and recount the story of its making - three guys and a donkey - with affection. 

Until we meet again.


 Dear Hug Point,

We found you by accident and you quickly became our favorite day trip getaway. We never check the tide, so it's always a surprise - will there be pelicans? Will we be able to get to the tidepools? It's sunny here, will it still be sunny when we get there? Every trip is an adventure and we treasure every moment and memory made.

Thank you,

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Laura Reese said...

Those look like three great places, and all by the water - I'm so happy to be near water again!