Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 7: A Photo That Makes You Happy

*Note: I realize Week 6 isn't up. It's turning into a rather in-depth post, so it's going to be late. This one was easy.

Nike & Jason, Baker City, OR - photo copyrighted Carly Carlson Photography
 The photo above is our "sneak peak" from our photo shoot this weekend with my dear friend Carly, of Carly Carlson Photography. (Go give her some blog love and "like" her on Facebook!) The girl is a whiz with the camera and I am so excited to see how the rest of the shots turned out. Thanks Carly!

This photo makes me happy for a couple reasons...

One, that guy next me? I'm pretty much in love with him. Like, crazy in love. I'm very much enjoying forever with him.

Two, this is the first picture taken since our wedding that looks like "us." If you'll allow me to dive into the shallow for a moment, we both gained a lot of weight after marrying. We were both unhappy about it, but introducing change to our lives took awhile. We've worked hard and it's great to have tangible evidence that it's paying off. (To see the picture that started the revolution click here. Ugh.)

Lastly, the colors of this picture are awesome. Carly said, "Go down the stairwell, just trust me," and we did. Even if this is the only frame of the 500 she shot that turned out, it is well worth the investment.


momma zen said...

I aspire to be able to take portraits like this in the future for my friends and family and well strangers for the heck of it. What perfect composition and what happiness and contentment this picture captures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE true love. This makes me smile so much. And it really drives home the point that I need to take some photos of just my husband and myself soon. I think it would be so loving and special to have. Just to show that just because we are a family of three now doesn't mean we aren't still those giddy, romantic soul mates.

momma zen said...

I just noticed "Three Cups of Tea" on your bookshelf. I loved that book. His adventures were nothing short of inspirational. What a wonderful man. And also it educated me on the fact that it is education and not offensive that will keep away terrorism. I actually told my husband to pack that book to take with him to Afghanistan. Even though most of it takes place in Pakistan it's all related of course. And he always appreciates learning more. That book as well as 1000 Splendid Suns covers a great deal of cultural history in that region.

Carly said...

aw nike you are so sweet. you guys are such a beautiful couple, i had so much fun with you! now i am 110% sure shem and i need a just-us shoot soon! :)
but first... lose weight. :) you look wonderful, both of ya! just glowing and happy, love it!

Alanna @ Blood, Sweat & Cupcakes said...

Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog :) That is one beautiful photo!