Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen, May I Have Your Attention...

I would like to direct you to my "Blog Reads" on the right. Go check out Carly Carlson's fantastic post on the photoshoot the boy and I did a few weeks ago. She posts some of the best/funniest on her blog. The Monday Night Posse had a full gallery viewing last night and I just don't know how we're going to decide on our absolute favorites! She did a fantabulous job!

That is all... you may go back to what you were doing. ;-)

*Pictures taken in Baker City, OR and outlying areas.*


momma zen said...

I LOVE the one with you guys sitting and laughing. I don't think you posted that one before but maybe I missed it! Her photography is so great! But you guys are very photogenic too! Adorable!

nikeathena said...

Thanks! Those are all new! She sent us the proofs on Monday and put her favorites on her blog. A few of my favorites didn't make the blog and they are just amazing. It'll be tough to narrow down to five or six. (Right now I have 25 favorites, which is about half of the total. Ha.)