Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Sushi

Dear Sushi,

First of all, you're awesome and definitely at the top of my favorite foods list. What I'd like to thank you for today, however, is for your uncanny ability to help build relationships. When I learn people like sushi they instantly become one of  my new favorite people. Sure, it's completely possible all we'll have in common is sushi, bu you know what? While we're eating together that time is precious and relationships are deepened.

I'm pretty sure you're the sixth love language.



Laura Reese said...

Dear Nike,
My heart agrees entirely with this post.

george rede said...

As does my stomach!

Having tapas tonight, but I'll be back to MY Thursday sushi routine next week.

momma zen said...

I love sushi too! It's definitely one of my favorite foods.