Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 12: This One Time I Answered an Ad...

An unfortunate day on which we unknowingly ventured into public in the same outfit.
I love my husband, I really really do. But he has this really great trait that quickly becomes annoying and leads to all kinds of unloving thoughts towards him. He's helpful. Sometimes too helpful. Especially when we're running.

Running has never been a passion of mine. I have only recently reached the "someday I want to be really awesome at running" stage. Right now my main goal is to complete a run without walking. Or dying.

My husband, on the other hand, thinks running is thegreatestthingEVER. So, while I am thinking, "You're not going to die, keep going, you're almost there, crap it's only been five minutes, it's okay, you can do this..." he's all smiles and then starts telling me to push harder, pick up my knees, etc, etc. Can you see how this might be a problem?

After a run a few weeks ago when I was having particularly murderous thoughts towards the love of my life, I determined the best thing for our marriage would be if I had options of other people to run with. This led to a craigslist search for running groups.

The running groups I found were way too advanced for me, but I did come across a Running Buddy ad. Which I promptly answered. Then thought, "Nike, you are socially awkward and don't like strangers. Are you insane?!"

This story has a happy ending, though. My new running buddy is married. (I didn't know if the person placing the ad was male or female, so I had a lot of, "my husband and I" language in my response.) The four of us go on runs three times a week and we are all at about the same level. Everyone has something to bring to the table that makes us all stronger runners. It's really a perfect match.

I think answering a running buddy ad may have been one of my best moves of the year. I enjoy running with my husband again, my endurance has increased and my pace has decreased pretty dramatically in the last few weeks. I'll be a running machine yet - watch for us at the Jingle Bell 5K in December!


The Green Girl said...

You are too funny, girl. I'm so glad the new running buddy is working out!

momma zen said...

That is cool!!! I should look into craigslist to see if there are moms of wee ones looking for walking buddies - stroller-walking buddies. I could walk for hours/miles and miles if someone would entertain me with mutual chatter! I see girlfriends walking together pushing strollers and chatting vivaciously together and wish I could be with them.

Kudos for running! I always feel like I'm going to just fall out and die when I run even a brief distance!